Why Real File CPA

A lot of places can do tax returns. What serious real estate investors understand is that what they need in addition to getting their taxes done is getting the advisory so that they can make informed and strategic business and investment decisions. With over 70 years of combined experience among our 3 senior accountants, Real File CPA provides clients with the right advisory to ensure they are always structured efficiently, thereby paying the least possible tax, maximizing profits, and protecting their assets.

What We Do Best

Real File CPA is a cloud-based advisory firm offering accounting and tax solutions for real estate investors, contractors, developers, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our dedicated client managers know the issues and challenges you face and will map them out, and the CPA service providers we will unite you with will deliver the professional expertise you can trust.

Unlike traditional bricks and mortar firms, Real File CPA meets you on your terms, where you are. Because we know that your time can be better spent doing something other than driving through traffic to meet with your bookkeeper or accountant every month!

Now that’s stretching way beyond average.

Our Pricing

Our lower fee structure is based on the fact that we leverage technology and cloud based applications, virtual office space, and a team based approach to servicing our clients that lowers costs and improves efficiency. This allows both client and accountant to spend more time on strategy and implementation than on manual record keeping and compliance paperwork.

We also believe that the model of retainers, upfront fees, hidden costs and disbursements, is one worth retiring. That’s why every Real File client receives a complete quote for services at the very beginning, so there’s never any surprise later. Our pricing structure is always quoted as a monthly fee, with no contract so you can cancel at any time.

A lot of our clients start off with no idea what they are even looking for when it comes to their Real Estate or business accounting, which is why we begin with a full assessment, free of charge. This assessment will help you to identify your needs, and show you how we can help. It will include a demonstration of super easy to use apps like Receipt Bank, where you can simply take a picture of a receipt and have it uploaded directly to your accounting records, as well as answers to any particular tax or accounting questions you might have .

Later, we will prepare a pricing quote with detailed description of the services we can offer, usually with 3 levels to choose from.

Real File CPA Senior Accounting Team

Allen Ming

Practice Principal

Allen began his accounting career in corporate audit at Deloitte & Touche nearly 20 years ago, and has been providing mentoring to over 200 future CA’s at the University of Toronto every year since. A corporate tax specialist, Allen handles large developer and construction company accounts.

David Puotinen

Tax Manager

Having spent 14 years as a criminal investigator, forensic auditor, and training lead for Net Worth Assessments at the Canada Revenue Agency, David is the firm’s go-to person on tax matters. Trusts, Rollovers, Corporate Structuring, and cross-border tax are just a few of the areas that he routinely helps Real File CPA clients navigate complicated tax rules so that reviews, audits and reassessments are avoided. Not to mention, of course, that he loves to talk to CRA on behalf of clients!

Belford E. Voegelin

Senior Associate

Although he started his career as a professional engineer, Bel Voegelin decided that being a Chartered Accountant was what he’d rather do. With a career nearing 40 years at firms such as KPMG and Pete Marwick, and in industry as a certified information systems auditor, Bel is inarguably one of the wisest accountants in the country when it comes to tax accounting for real estate investors. And as you’d expect of an engineer at heart, whenever there are pertinent tax issues Real File CPA clients get a very thorough, mathematical analysis from Bel.